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Chris Archer sets off brawl in Reds-Pirates game (Video)

Derek Dietrich did take a while to admire his home run, but petty retaliation by Chris Archer set off a brawl during Sunday’s Reds-Pirates game.

In the top of the second inning of Sunday’s Reds-Pirates game, Reds’ infielder Derek Dietrich hit a home run into the river beyond right field at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. He stood and admired it for a while, remaining in the batter’s box until the ball splashed in the water.

Dietrich, filling in at first base for Joey Votto for a Sunday day game, did get around the bases in a fairly quick fashion once he departed the box. But Pirates starter Chris Archer clearly noticed the delay, and did not let the previous action slide when Dietrich came to the plate two innings later.

By virtue of “the code” in baseball, celebrations deemed to be appropriately excessive is limited to walk-off wins when your team is 10 games out of first place in May. This includes bat-flips, and surely includes pimping a long home run by watching it until it comes to rest. But any normal human would probably stand and admire a hit like Dietrich’s.

First, here’s a look at Dietrich’s river-bound tater.

And now Archer’s retaliation, with a purpose pitch behind Deitrich.

Things escalated quickly from there, as Reds’ manager David Bell reacted to what seemed to only be a warning to both dugouts. Reds’ outfielder Yasiel Puig seemed to take particular offense to Archer’s retaliation, as Votto is seen holding him back as the teams came together,

Then, Puig appeared ready to take on the entire Pirates’ team.

Bell and Puig, along with Pirates’ relievers Felipe Vazquez and Keone Kela, were ejected from the game. Archer stayed in, and would complete six innings without further incident. But it’s nice to know he never celebrates anything on the mound. Oh, wait….

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Baseball lacks appeal to a younger audience, due in some part to a lack of personality from the players. Dietrich toed the line with his display, so Archer was personally offended and felt he had to retaliate. But next time, here’s a thought to Mr. Archer or any other pitcher who allows a mammoth home run — throw a better pitch, or be ready to tip your cap when you’re bested by the hitter.

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