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‘Big Sexy’ Bartolo Colon is exceeding expectations

The Texas Rangers have been bleak, but Bartolo Colon has been outstanding.

Is there any other MLB baseball player that has hung around as long as Bartolo Colon? This guy has been around the block a trillion times. He’s been in the league for more than 20 years. This is crazy for a guy who is 44 years of age. What a wonder to watch the big man do his thing.

This season, the righty has tossed a 3.32 ERA in 43.1 innings. That’s impressive in the American League, and is even better because he’s the oldest pitcher in the league. Today, Colon threw 7 2/3 innings of scoreless ball against the Seattle Mariners. Although the club is without Robinson Cano, it is still a dangerous lineup.

Bartolo’s success has been due to his great location of his fastball. He obviously doesn’t have the velocity he used to, but his movement and consistency in the strike zone have been key. It’s crazy to think that he’s thrown all those innings and never had Tommy John surgery. Everyone seems to get it now, but the mighty Bartolo Colon has been immune to it.

With that said, there will never be a pitcher as durable as Colon again. You just don’t see it anymore. You’ll be lucky to find a pitcher out there who has been injury free for a long period of time.

The Rangers are getting a guy on borrowed time, as Colon could lose his ability any day. A pitcher in his mid-30s usually does, so what about Colon? For now, though, let’s enjoy it while it lasts for the big man. He’s also probably the only reason to watch the Rangers right now.

Overall, what a sight to see Big Sexy still in the big leagues. He is great for baseball, and he symbolizes just how special this game is. Athletes of all shapes and sizes can have success. Also, he is almost 50 years old. Name one current athlete who is on the same level as Colon right now, longevity wise, other than Tom Brady.

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