The biggest superstition or ritual for each MLB team

Baseball is a funny game, filled with rituals and superstitions. In this piece, we look at one for each of the 30 teams in Major League Baseball.

When it comes to the sport of baseball, there are not many things more synonymous with the game than its rich tradition of rituals and superstition. In this piece, we take a look at all 30 MLB teams, and dive into the biggest ritual or superstition for each. While some are fun, some are spooky and others are downright crazy.

Here is the biggest ritual or superstition for all 30 MLB teams.

Milwaukee Brewers: The Sausage Race

The Milwaukee Brewers are one of the better teams in all of Major League Baseball as of late, making it all the way to the National League Championship Series last season. This season, they are once again a team to beat in the National League, thanks to guys like Christian Yelich, who just happened to win MVP honors in his first year with the club in 2018.

Making your way to Miller Park is always a fun afternoon, or night, as it is one of the better environments to watch baseball in the MLB. During the game, you will get to see one of the bigger rituals in the game: the famous Sausage Race.

Originally, this race was just done as a cartoon on the scoreboard, but the Brewers took it once step forward, actually having people in sausage costumes racing around the stadium. It is a great way to give the fans a fun break in the action, and is one of those things that make the sport of baseball so great.

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