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Ranking teams that should convince Madison Bumgarner to waive his no-trade clause

Eight teams need Madison Bumgarner’s consent before dealing for him this season, but some franchises need the ace southpaw more than others. 

As the San Francisco Giants fall further and further out of the race in the NL West, it becomes more and more likely that Madison Bumgarner is going to be dealt. It’s very likely he’ll be the best starting pitcher to change teams before this year’s trade deadline.

Bumgarner made headlines this week with the news that he has a no-trade clause in his current contract that would require him to consent to moving to any one of eight teams. Ken Rosenthal reports that Bumgarner has the power to veto a deal to the Yankees, Red Sox, Braves, Cubs, Phillies, Astros, Brewers or Cardinals. That doesn’t mean the Giants can’t send him to one of those teams. It just means he must agree to any deal before it’s finalized.

Don’t expect that clause to discourage the eight teams cited to decrease their interest in the ace lefty. Each of the contenders in question has plenty of motivation to add Bumgarner to their respective rotation. This piece ranks the eight based on their need and ability to make a deal for the Giants ace.

8. Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers are certainly in the thick of the NL Central race and they could use another starter to fortify their rotation. Unfortunately, Bumgarner probably isn’t enough to transform them into the favorites in the division. That, combined with his potential price tag, should be enough to force Milwaukee to look at other targets.

It’s safe to expect the Brewers to check in with the Giants on what it might take to swing a deal for Bumgarner, but they’d face a difficult task in signing him to a contract extension. It would be a major shock to see Milwaukee give up multiple premium assets for a pitcher who would only be a rental. Add it all up and they’re the team on Bumgarner’s no-trade list that’s least likely to acquire him.

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