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David Ortiz in stable condition, to fly to Boston for more treatment

David Ortiz is in stable condition following surgery after he was shot in the Dominican Republic and is flying to Boston for further treatment.

David Ortiz suffered organ damage after he was shot in the back during an attack in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. Video of Ortiz being shot in the back was circulating on Twitter in the aftermath on Sunday night. The video is terrifying and looks like an attempted murder.

Ortiz will survive and is listed in stable condition. According to the Boston Globe, Ortiz had part of his colon removed, suffered injuries to his gall bladder and sustained limited damage to his liver.

His condition is stable enough that he’ll be allowed to fly to Boston to undergo further treatment.

The Red Sox and Massachusetts General Hospital are working to get Ortiz back to Boston, but it’s unclear how soon he will be allowed to travel. After undergoing surgery into the early morning hours, Ortiz will reportedly be in intensive care for the next 24 hours.

Dominican police have arrested one man in connection with the shooting. Eddy Vladimir Féliz García is in custody but a second suspect who fled the scene after the shot remains on the loose.

After the news of the former Red Sox slugger was shot, several former teammates, MLB players, Tom Brady and even Barack Obama were among those to offer their support, thoughts and prayers for the man affectionately called “Big Papi.”

Let me be the latest to offer my thoughts and prayers to Ortiz and wish him a complete and full recovery.

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