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Yankees face nervous wait on Giancarlo Stanton’s injury

The Yankees are set to fly to London to take on the Red Sox, but Giancarlo Staton’s injury may prevent him from making the historic trip. 

Aaron Boone’s team has done an amazing job of overcoming injuries this season, but at some point the Yankees would like to get healthy. Giancarlo Stanton’s most recent injury could force New York to shuffle their roster one more time.

The powerful outfielder was removed from Tuesday night’s game against Toronto after suffering an apparent knee injury at third base. Replays appeared to show Stanton banging his knee on the ground as he attempted to slide into the hot corner. Brett Gardner replaced him in left field when the Yankees began the next half inning.

The organization hasn’t offered any update on Stanton’s injury in the immediate aftermath of the incident which means it’s very likely team physicians are running tests on the injured knee. Ideally, Stanton will only miss a day or two due to superficial injuries. The worst case scenario would be suffering structural damage in the knee based on his awkward slide.

If Stanton is forced to take another trip to the Injured List it’s very likely that Clint Frazier will return to the Bronx to take his spot in the lineup. He struggled mightily with his glove during his stint with the Yankees earlier this year, but his bat is more than capable of producing quality results for his team.

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No matter what, expect general manager Brian Cashman and company to treat Stanton’s injury with extreme caution. The key for the Yankees will be to make sure they’re at full strength when the postseason arrives. The organization has more than enough talent to hold on to their AL East lead if Stanton needs a few weeks to rehabilitate his injured knee. He won’t take another swing for the team until his body is 100 percent ready to go.

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