Is it too early for the Nationals to panic as Astros pull ahead in Game 4?

Does a 4 run lead in Game 4 mean Washington Nationals fans should start panicking that their World Series dreams might be shattering? Yeah, probably.

It looked like a baseball miracle might be happening just two games ago. The underdogs, the Washington Nationals, were ahead two games and made the heavy favorite Houston Astros look like they had no reason being in the 2019 World Series … and they were playing at home.

Then the teams traveled to the country’s capital, Washington D.C for Game 3 and pretty much everyone felt like the series would extend 3-0 and them a possible sweep. After all, the better team was at home, how could they lose?

But then they did. 

The Astros secured their first win of the series stopping the Nationals at just 1 single run in Game 3 and suddenly Houston was back in the series.

Ok, fine, Nationals fans thought, it’s just one game.

But Game 4, which currently has the Astros up 4-0 halfway through the fourth inning looks to be Houstons game again.

And it’s time for the Washington Nationals to panic.

The two-game series lead, the safety net is slowly falling into glorious pieces. The team needs to secure this win if it hopes to win it’s first-ever World Series at home because it looks like their beginner’s luck may already have run out.

There’s still time for them to pull ahead, but with each run, the margin gets wider and Nationals fans’ blood pressure rises.

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