Ken Burns Baseball documentary airing for free through PBS

With many baseball fans having to go without live action right now, PBS is offering the Ken Burns Baseball documentary for free.

Since we’re likely facing at least several more weeks without live baseball, many fans are looking for something to do to fill the time. For example, there are some great books about the game that are worth checking out.

Another great way to pass the time would be to watch Ken Burns’ Baseball documentary, which is now available for free through PBS:

Just go to to view all nine episodes or “innings” which are approximately each two hours in length. Each episode covers about a decade of baseball history. You can watch them from any computer or mobile device, or you can find the episodes in the PBS app.

“As many of us hunker down in the days ahead, it’s important that we find things that bring us together and show us our common humanity,” Burns says in a video accompanying his tweet.

I was excited to hear this news. Years ago, I watched the entire documentary while I was stuck in my living room chair with the flu. I found it to be a fascinating documentary, filled with lots of great information celebrating our game. It first came out in 1994, and years later Burns released The Tenth Inning, covering the following years. However, this is not included in the free offer as of right now.

Besides the fact that it’s a great documentary that will give baseball fans something to do, Baseball will also serve as a reminder of how great this game is and how much it has survived over the years. It’s now facing a great challenge with the coronavirus outbreak, yet it has endured world wars, civil unrest, and many other difficult moments in American history. The game has also survived several big scandals.

I know with no live action to watch for a while, I will be re-watching this whole series from start to finish. I look forward to again learning about this game’s great history and hope to take some new lessons away. I hope that fans everywhere will take advantage of this offer.

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