Twitter rips MLB’s plan to play season entirely quarantined in Arizona

MLB is reportedly considering a plan that would see the season played with teams isolated and all games played in Arizona. It has not been received well by fans, media or players online.

On Monday night reports from the AP and ESPN surfaced an MLB plan to begin the 2020 season and play all the games in Arizona with players and team personnel living in quarantine.

The plan is ridiculous for a number of reasons: from the idea of isolating more than a thousand people to playing seven-inning doubleheaders in the Arizona heat and beyond.

It was an obvious trial balloon floated by the league about a preliminary plan. While the first wave of reaction to MLB’s reported plan was some excitement at the simple prospect of seeing live baseball again, for the most part, Twitter did not take kindly to the logistics of the idea or its feasibility.

MLB players past and present – along with their family members – joined in on the criticism, though some did share that of course they want to play as soon as possible if there’s a way to get games going.

On Tuesday, MLB issued a statement responding to the reports. While confirming that a single-location plan had been considered, MLB was sure to say that it is far from settled on a solution.

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