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Trevor Bauer puts Curt Schilling in his place with twitter reply to WAR debate

A Twitter argument between Trevor Bauer, Aubrey Huff and Curt Schilling about WAR has mercifully ended.

Curt Schilling has a habit of butting in when not necessarily called upon, and Tuesday was no exception. In a Twitter argument between Trevor Bauer and Aubrey Huff which (we thank the Twitter Gods) stuck to baseball, Schilling butted in with what he assumed was sound analysis.

Thankfully for Huff’s case, Schilling actually overshadowed his stupidity, getting all of his facts wrong and even failing to check Bauer’s baseball-reference page. Schilling’s attempt to bash new-age analytics turned into a mishmash of lies, which, ironically enough, he’s rather used to disseminating on social media.

Curt Schilling stuck to sports when calling out Trevor Bauer, but still got all his facts wrong.

Schilling’s Twitter feed is a dark place, and I wouldn’t recommend a visit. If you’re lucky enough, you’ve already been blocked.

In this case, he specifically referenced Bauer’s 2016 ALCS start, in which he had to come out of the game due to a drone-related injury. Sure enough, Schilling is right about how ridiculous that injury was, but what he forgets is that the Indians were actually able to win the game in which Bauer was removed.

Bauer’s Game 3 start will live in infamy, as the injury was disgusting in every sense of the word. He was removed after just 21 pitches with blood dripping from his hand. Bauer is a frequent drone user, and this version was even custom-made. However, the freak accident is not one he’s been able to live down four years later, which is why Schilling can use it as ammo against him.

But, perhaps even more alarming is Schilling’s inability or unwillingness to understand Bauer’s rather decent WAR, becoming yet another member of baseball’s old guard to not embrace new-age statistics.

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