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Trevor Bauer picks up where he left off trolling Astros as Reds restart camp

Trevor Bauer reminded everyone he’s the biggest troll in MLB.

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer has never been shy. Sometimes that’s got the talented starter in hot water for his words and actions and sometimes it’s made him one of the more interesting follows on Twitter.

The latest example of Bauer being the best troll in baseball was when he reminded the baseball community about how the Houston Astros cheated to win the World Series.

You are forgiven if you forgot all about how the Astros used to bang on trash cans to tip what pitch was coming to the hitter. The investigation was levied in the pre-coronavirus world when it looked like the season would begin on time.

Of course, the delayed start of the season and the ongoing events in the real world have pushed the Astros cheating scandal off the front page of the sports news.

Trevor Bauer continues to troll the cheating Astros with a hilarious shirt.

Thankfully, Bauer is hear to remind everyone that the Astros are cheaters as he proudly wore a “Trash-town” t-shirt with the World Series trophy built on top of a giant trash can.

The t-shirt is absolutely perfect and I think Los Angeles Dodgers fans may be interested in purchasing one or more since they were the team victimized by the Astros in the 2017 World Series.

It’s too bad the Dodgers won’t get a chance to play the Astors in the condensed 60-game MLB schedule this year so they can get some modicum of revenge. But despite that, fans can torment the Astors for their cheating scandal and for giving baseball another black eye.

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