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Trevor Bauer takes heckling recommendations from fans at Reds scrimmage

Baseball season is oh so close, and even without fans, Trevor Bauer is finding a way to recreate the experience

The Reds intra-squad scrimmage on Sunday featured a bit of a different look, with several players sitting in the stands to cheer on (or otherwise) their teammates as they prepare for the regular season. Always a prankster, Reds starter Trevor Bauer took to Twitter for some questions about how to potentially get the best of his teammates during the scrimmage.

Now, to his benefit, Bauer didn’t accept this challenge, but he did answer some fan questions to make them feel closer to the game than ever before, which is saying something given the current state of professional baseball during the pandemic.

Trevor Bauer is heckling batters and the umpire while talking to fans on Twitter

Umpire Bauer showed up for work as well, giving his interpretation of events on a HBP vs K debate.

Tough to argue with the man, he has the best vantage point. But playing umpire won’t get Bauer in nearly as much trouble as this recommendation.

That’s not a no! Is it really streaking if there aren’t thousands of strangers in the stands, though? That just sounds like a Sunday stroll.

And just so you know, Bauer is stone cold sober.

If he weren’t, how would any of us even know? It’s the ultimate disguise.

At that rate, Bauer’s teammates should have no trouble hearing him considering he’s one of the only players in the stands. Is he allowed to sit in the front row, or is that too much?

Whenever we’re allowed to attend live sporting events again, a fan slip-n-slide is a must.

The crowd noise isn’t up to par, despite Progressive Field’s best efforts. The game needs us, folks.

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