Miami Marlins, New York Mets

Brandon Nimmo’s not-so-subtle dig at the Marlins is what rivalries are all about

Brandon Nimmo proves you’re never too good to punch down at a hapless rival.

The Miami Marlins should just keep swimming after hearing Brandon Nimmo‘s dig about them.

No matter how many tropical fish tanks they put into their ballpark, it won’t change the fact the Marlins have never won a division title in nearly 30 years of existence. Outside of those two magical seasons that culminated in World Series championships, the Marlins practiced social distancing at games with their fanbase long before we even had a term for the medical protocol.

When asked what it was like to play in an empty stadium, New York Mets outfielder Brandon Nimmo held nothing back. He didn’t beat around the bush, as he wasn’t a fish out of water with his comments on no fans being present at Citi Field. “No knock against Miami,” Nimmo said, “but it kind of just felt like playing in Miami.”

Brandon Nimmo just reeled in the Miami Marlins and left them on the dock.

We have to respect the inherent pettiness here between the two most dysfunctional organizations in the NL East. Nimmo found it within himself to hit the Marlins with the “with all due respect” card and then say whatever was on his mind without consequence. That is some next-level Ricky Bobby confidence because when you ain’t first, you’re last — just like the Marlins.

While fans of the Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia Phillies and Washington Nationals can see the extreme petty wars below them in the NL East standings and say, “how precious,” at their core, who doesn’t love a good rivalry? So if a Marlins pitcher decides to hurl a can of tuna at Nimmo’s back during their first meeting this summer, don’t be surprised if it happens.

Perhaps the coolest part about the 60-game MLB season — besides the cool masks some players will wear — is literally any big league club has a shot at winning the World Series. Yes, I am telling you there is a chance we can get the Miguel Cabrera Fall Classic absolutely nobody wanted when The Fish take on the utterly toothless Detroit Tigers out of the American League. We’ll need a paywall.

Finding Nimmo’s insult pasted on the Marlins’ bulletin board may fuel an improbable title run.

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