MLB Opening Day, New York Yankees, Washington Nationals

Of course, Yankees vs. Nationals Opening Night game has a rain delay

A rain delay has gotten in the way of the Nationals’ game vs. the Yankees.

Of course, we have a rain delay in the New York Yankees vs. Washington Nationals game.

We had to wait for months to get the MLB back in our lives. We were somehow, some way, watching a game that actually was going to count for something. The Nationals are the reigning World Series champions, while the Yankees are the perceived favorite to win it all. This game was fun, but Rob Manfred entered the booth and the ominous floodgates opened up shortly thereafter.

Manfred was trying to tell Matt Vasgersian and Alex Rodriguez what was up about the MLB postseason expanding from 10 teams to 16 and how all that was going to shake out. Right behind him was enough lightning to make Tampa, Florida jealous in late summer. It was only fitting the baseball gods decided to turn Nationals Park into an aquatic theme park instantaneously.

A rain delay at Nationals Park won’t go away and plans to stick around.

In a matter of minutes, Nationals Park started to resemble SeaWorld more than the home of the raining reigning World Series champions. Thankfully, no fans were in attendance and had to scamper to the concourse frantically, truly believing they were going to met like that witch from The Wizard of Oz. We’re not in Kansas anymore. Then again, maybe we are? What’s going on with this year?

Whoever was pitching for the Nationals or Yankees, yeah, their night is over. The Yankees may have a 4-1 lead, but it’s going to be the soupiest of messes you’ll ever see. We have waited for weeks to be entertained by something outside of the internet, Netflix or lord knows, our own families. If we’re not getting baseball anymore tonight in Washington, give us a slip-and-slide.

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Not every baseball stadium is lucky enough to get a dome. This isn’t Florida, nor does it get stupid cold in the nation’s capital. Yet, here we are experiencing the single worst part of baseball: Rain delays. You have no idea when the game is coming back. And you typically have to watch the same RSN re-run you’ve seen 14,000 times while you wait. So let’s get a 30 for 30 going, ESPN.

Someone is going to be so mad when The Fab Five documentary switches back to baseball.

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