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Eduardo Rodriguez dealing with heart issues commonly associated with COVID-19

Eduardo Rodriguez is feeling the brunt of COVID-19 in scary development.

The questions around COVID-19’s health impact continue to exist, with varying symptoms and influence on its victims. Some have been asymptomatic, while others have been affected for weeks. Eduardo Rodriguez is one MLB player to have tested positive for COVID-19 and was shortly shut down from baseball activity thereafter.

At the time, his specific symptoms were unknown, but an initial report from WEEI’s Rob Bradford indicated that Rodriguez was suffering from heart troubles — more specifically, myocarditis, inflammation of the heart muscle that affects its ability to pump blood and can have far-reaching consequences.

Rodriguez has since confirmed that report, saying,

That’s the most important part of your body … The first time I heard it, I was scared a little.”

Despite that fear and possible complications, Rodriguez has hopes of pitching in 2020 and putting the virus behind him.

Rodriguez’s return would be terrific news for the Red Sox, but health is of primary importance.

The Red Sox bullpen has taken a major hit in the shortened MLB season. Chris Sale was known to miss the season due to Tommy John Surgery, while Collin McHugh opted-out due to COVID-19 concerns and an elbow injury.

Coming off his best year yet in 2019, with a career-high 34 stars and low 3.81 ERA, Rodriguez had high hopes for his sixth season in the majors. Unfortunately, that has been put on hold with the coronavirus.

In a situation like this, with varying health implications and Rodriguez suffering from them, it is certainly best to proceed cautiously and focus on what matters most. If that enables a return to the field in 2020, though, what a tremendous sight that would be for the Red Sox organization.

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