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Orel Hershiser trolls Jose Altuve, Astros on Dodgers broadcast

Orel Hershiser trolls Jose Altuve, Astros on Dodgers broadcast.

Fans were glued to their TVs for part two of the Tuesday night drama. So far, not much has happened (there’s been warnings and penalties) but Orel Hershiser couldn’t resist throwing some shade at Astros second baseman, Jose Altuve and the Astros.

Listen to the hilarious jab here.

“Guessing is harder than knowing,” he said in reference to Altuve dropping to avoid what he thought might have been a pitch aimed at his cheating head. It wasn’t and he struck out.

What happened with Joe Kelly and Alex Bregman last night?

Tensions were high on Tuesday night when Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly buzzed Astros’ Alex Bregman with a pitch. The moment felt intentional and many felt deserving considering the Astros cheating scandal. Then, when Kelly finally struck out Carlos Correa to end the inning, benches cleared and the teams had to be separated.

On Wednesday, shortly before their second showdown, it was announced Kelly had been suspended eight games. Ironically that’s a much harsher punishment than the Astros players caught for cheating, but I digress.

At press time the game was tied, 1-1 at the top of the 7th inning.

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