Listen to Mets announcer Keith Hernandez get the giggles live on air (Video)

Keith Hernandez absolutely lost his mind on air laughing and it’s one of the funniest things you’ll see this weekend. 

Keith Hernandez is a true legend. A former superstar for the New York Mets, he’s made an easy transition to the broadcast booth and has delivered countless amazing moments and quotes for fans to enjoy.

This weekend, Hernandez provided us all with another treat, as he absolutely lost his mind laughing right in the middle of a game. No, we’re not talking about him chuckling for a little bit and then moving on.

He truly could not stop giggling. Take a look for yourself. Good luck not joining in on the laughter.

Keith Hernandez shared a story about spilling coffee on his pants and he couldn’t stop laughing

Goodness, that’s gold. Hernandez was talking about a story where he spilled coffee on his jeans and then just couldn’t contain his laughter. There’s a bit of an awkward pause in the clip where all you can hear is him essentially trying to catch himself, but he really can’t. It made for great TV, even for Yankees fans who were disappointed to see the Clint Frazier strikeout.

Hernandez of course is no stranger to making us laugh. For all you Seinfeld fans, his appearance on the show back in the 1990s is still talked about to this day.

Now, we’re able to still enjoy Hernandez on a consistent basis listening to his calls, and now being able to make fun of him for losing it during a game as well.

Thanks for always making us smile, Mr. Hernandez.

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