Yoan Moncada’s comments about life after COVID-19 are alarming

The Chicago White Sox third baseman explains his body is still recovering from COVID-19 over a month after contracting the virus.

The landscape of professional sports changed drastically this year after the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States. The MLB is running a 60-game season as opposed to the usual 162, but with geographical-based schedules and divisions to limit the amount of travel teams have to endure. Even though we’ve seen players contract and eventually return from the virus, there have been some dealing with negative effects. Just look at Boston Red Sox pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez, who developed myocarditis after contracting COVID-19. While there are some individuals in our society that continue to downplay the seriousness of the virus, Moncada provided an alarming explanation of the long-term effects he’s currently dealing with after contracting COVID-19.

Prior to the start of the 60-game season, Chicago White Sox third baseman Yoan Moncada tested positive for COVID-19. Although he has since tested negative for the virus for more than a month and was ready to go for Opening Day, Moncada revealed on Thursday that he’s in a “daily battle to find that strength and energy.”

Contrary to the naysayers, COVID-19 can have negative effects on young athletes

Moncada missed the start of White Sox summer camp in July after testing positive for the coronavirus. After the diagnosis, Moncada told the media at the time that he lost his sense of taste and smell for a few days, but didn’t deal with many major symptoms. Flash forward to Sept. 3, and Moncada is saying that even after he’s been cleared of COVID-19, his body has been weakened a bit following his fight with the virus.

Since returning to the field, Moncada missed time due to soreness and fatigue back in mid-August and was sidelined for three games this week after being removed from this past Saturday’s game against the Kansas City Royals with left leg discomfort.

In 31 games this season, Moncada is slashing .248/.338/.421, while recording five home runs, 30 hits, 17 RBI and 16 runs scored.

This update from Moncada should serve as a warning to those who continue to scoff at the seriousness of the coronavirus. Even though MLB stars like Moncada are young and in good shape, COVID-19 can take it’s toll on them. Here’s hoping that Moncada can fully recover and regain his strength and energy in the very near future.

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