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Miguel Sano takes dominating Joe Jimenez personally

Miguel Sano is not a fan of Joe Jimenez

The Minnesota Twins’ “Bomba Squad” is starting to heat back up now that the season is drawing to a close, as Miguel Sano walloped a home run off of Detroit Tigers reliever Joe Jimenez as the Twins won their fifth-straight game against their division rivals by eeking out a 4-3 win.

Sano claimed that he celebrated that home run a little bit more than he usually does on most of his long balls, as he is exacting revenge on Jimenez for barking at him and telling him to sit down  following a strikeout when the two teams met last season.

Miguel Sano is starting to get hot, while Joe Jimenez is struggling

Sano might be leading the American League in strikeouts, but he has mashed nine home runs 37 games after slamming 34 in the 2019 season. The Twins are still very much alive in the AL Central, and they’re going to need a few more of those homers from Sano if they want to knock the Cleveland Indians and Chicago White Sox down in the standings.

Jimenez, meanwhile, is in the middle of a nightmare of a season. Jimenez, an All-Star in 2018, has an ERA of 10.95, allowing five home runs in just 12 innings. That is…less than ideal for a guy who was supposed to be a major piece in Detroit’s bullpen.

Jimenez responded to Sano’s blast, claiming that the way he celebrated and him making their beef such a personal matter bothered him. Maybe don’t hang a slider in the middle of the zone next time?

Considering how often these two teams meet, Jimenez and Sano will meet again, possibly before the end of the 2020 season. If Jimenez’s ERA is still as ghastly as it is right now, Sano might launch another souvenir into the stands.

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