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Jose Ureña drills Ronald Acuña with a pitch yet again, benches warned (Video)

Jose Urena hit Ronald Acuna once again.

Whenever Miami Marlins starting pitcher Jose Ureña and Atlanta Braves outfielder Ronald Acuña face off against one another, everyone knows what the outcome of the at-bat is going to be. Even when Ureña was trying to keep the Marlins afloat in the playoff race, he couldn’t break kayfabe and had to throw high and inside to Acuña.

Ureña, as if compelled by some unseen force, once again couldn’t resist the temptation to plunk Acuña, as he drilled him in the elbow with a tailing 95 mph heater.

Jose Urena and Ronald Acuna have quite the history between them

Ureña has been throwing baseballs at Acuña since the star prospect came into the league. Given Acuña’s propensity for showing off, which included a home run after getting hit by Ureña himself, the Marlins starter frequently tries to take matters into his own hands, usually with poor results.

Warnings were issued to both benches. Considering how Marcell Ozuna took exception with how he was being pitched during a series against Miami earlier in the season, it’s fair to assume tensions could boil over at some point.

While Ureña might’ve honestly been trying to come back inside with a fastball after failing to get Acuña to chase a few breaking balls, his history with the Braves superstar might not be enough for most to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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