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Tyler Naquin got juked out by a baseball (Video)

Tyler Naquin needs to take a lap or two and burn his jersey after this.

The world needs to check in on Tyler Naquin after he just got totally embarrassed by a baseball.

Naquin got embarrassed by a baseball playing some right field for the Cleveland Indians. In the top of the ninth up 1-0, Kansas City Royals outfielder Edward Olivares tripled in leftfielder Alex Gordon on the craziest hop you’ll ever see on a ball driven to the outfield. Olivares would score to make it a 3-0 Royals victory, but Naquin may never fully recover from this. You have to watch it.

Tyler Naquin may now have to question everything in his life going forward.

I hope he comes out of this okay. This was one of those “don’t talk to me” while I’m starring at the locker room floor in disbelief moments. This is worse than letting the winning run roll through your legs like a croquet wicket. You could have waved to the outfielder bailing your ass out for being a bad infielder through your legs and it wouldn’t have been as awkward as this. He’s cursed now.

Everything in his life he thought was up is now down. He may never fully recover from this. Have we ever seen an outfielder develop the yips? Well, if we’ve seen Steve Sax, Chuck Knoblauch and Jon Lester struggle with them in the infield, what about this Indian in the outfield? We don’t know how outfield yips work, but they are definitely happening now. Pray for Naquin’s pour soul, please.

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Baseballs are not sentient beings. They wake up and feel nothing. They are manufactured somewhere far away from a baseball diamond, yet this one guy came to life on a late Wednesday evening in the first-half of August. So why did this happen? Because Cleveland rocks and I just drafted three Browns receivers on my fantasy team because I thoroughly hate myself.

If we could hug people these days, all of his Cleveland teammates need to hug Naquin after this.

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