Cubs pay tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg at Wrigley Field (Photo)

The Chicago Cubs were one of many professional sports leagues to pay tribute to the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The United States is in mourning following the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday. Ginsburg, who held a seat on the United States Supreme Court for over 27 years, passed away due to complications from metastatic pancreatic cancer. She was 87 years old.

Ginsburg’s work resonated through generations of individuals, especially for her advocacy for gender equality and civil rights.  That is why the tributes to the American icon poured in throughout our social media feeds these past 24 hours, even in the sports world.

On Saturday, the Chicago Cubs honored the legacy of Ginsburg by having her photo displayed on the large left field screen prior to their game against the Minnesota Twins.

Tributes to Ginsburg across MLB

The Cubs weren’t the only MLB squad to honor the memory of Ginsburg. Prior to their game against the San Francisco Giants, the Oakland Athletics displayed her likeness on their jumbotron, while playing the Beyonce song “Run the World (Girls).” The Baltimore Orioles utilized a moment of pause to pay tribute to Ginsburg in their game against the Tampa Bay Rays.

These baseball teams weren’t the only sports organizations to pay tribute to Ginsburg. The Golden State Warriors, United States Women’s National Team and the Brooklyn Nets all paid their respects to the longtime advocate for women’s and civil rights.

Ginsburg was appointed to her position back in 1993, becoming the second-ever woman to hold a spot on the Supreme Court. Prior to that, she worked for the American Civil Liberties Union and directed their Women’s Rights Project, which fought against gender discrimination in the country. Ginsburg was named to the United States Court of Appeals by then-President Jimmy Carter in 1981 and served in that role until receiving her nomination to the high court.

While her loss stings, those inspired by Ginsburg’s work will continue her fight for equal rights for generations to come.

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