Jose Ramirez uses Rajai Davis bat to launch walk-off home run

Jose Ramirez used a special bat to send the Indians to the postseason.

The Cleveland Indians officially clinched a playoff berth Tuesday night in one of the most exciting games of the season. The offense put up four runs in the bottom of the 10th inning, capped off by a Jose Ramirez walk-off home run, to take down the Chicago White Sox.

Ramirez is a contender for the American League MVP Award and proved it with yet another clutch hit. It turns out he may have had some extra help form the bat he chose for the moment.

Jose Ramirez channels his inner Rajai Davis

No, this is not a fake photo. confirmed the Indians use Rajai Davis model bats because they love the feel of them. The size and weight seemed to work perfectly for Ramirez and it is hard not to favor a bat that was used in one of the most iconic moments in World Series history.

Davis’ Game 7 home run off Aroldis Chapman in 2016 did not win the World Series, but Indians fans will never forget the excitement he provided. Davis then returned to the team in 2018 and that may be why the Indians are still using his bats. The veteran clearly figured out the perfect size and weight for a bat after all his time in the league.

This is quite the fun bit of information and further explains why Davis was such a legend in Cleveland even though he only spent two seasons with the team. One home run can do that.

Ramirez’s latest home run propelled the Indians to the postseason and keeps the team in the hunt to steal the AL Central before the regular season ends Sunday. At the very least the Indians appear to be set to finish no lower than the No. 7 overall seed.

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The race is now on for MVP. Ramirez is competing with teammate Shane Bieber, who takes the mound Wednesday night. Fans will wait to see if Bieber pulls out any good luck charms of his own as the Indians have finally turned things around after a brutal eight-game losing streak earlier this month.

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