Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians

Angel Hernandez is doing his best to ruin the MLB Playoff race

Angel Hernandez is the only constant from a wild 2020 baseball season

Ump show is at its finest with Hernandez somehow involved. Unfortunately, he must have some provocative photos of Rob Manfred, because there’s no good reason for him to still have a job judging baseball games at the highest level.

Even in the waning days of the MLB season, Hernandez is playing an important role behind home plate in a game for AL Central supremacy. Both the Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Indians will likely make the playoffs, with the South Siders holding the edge for the Central crown. The White Sox Magic Number entering Tuesday’s action was 4, heightening every poor decision by Angel Hernandez even more than usual.

Oh no, that can’t be a good sign.

Angel Hernandez was trending nationally on twitter, and that’s never a good sign

Is there an MLB umpire shortage? Seriously, why in the world is Hernandez calling important baseball games?

Hernandez has nothing against your team personally, I swear. He’s always been like this.

Send that man straight to voicemail. Angel Hernandez is spam.

Angel is an impressive level of bad. At 59 years of age, he embraces the drama. But don’t try to argue with the man, it rarely goes well. That’s when the ump show starts.

There are an astounding number of tweets attacking Hernandez. Even for him, this is a new low. We can only hope MLB takes this as a warning sign to keep him out of any significant playoff action. Please, for the sake of my Twitter feed.

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