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Jorge Polanco error sets up Jose Altuve redemption no one asked for (Video)

Jorge Polanco let the Houston Astros take the lead.

Just when it looked like the Minnesota Twins were going to do something right in the postseason, Jorge Polanco, a slick-fielding shortstop with just two errors on the season, managed to mess things up at the worst possible time, as his poor fielding allowed the Houston Astros to take the lead in the ninth inning of Game 1.

The Twins looked set to take this game to the bottom of the ninth at 1-1, but Polanco’s sidearm throw went just wide of second base, prolonging the inning.

Jorge Polanco’s error led to a redemption moment for Jose Altuve

Because 2020 has been a very harsh mistress, this blunder gave Jose Altuve, of all people, the chance to be the hero this afternoon. Altuve managed to technically drive in the go-ahead run, as Sergio Romo walked in the run that gave Houston a 2-1 lead.

There is still plenty of time for the Twins to make up for this mistake, but this serves as another lucky break for the Astros and another patented Murphy’s Law experiment in the postseason for the Twins.

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