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Twins fan trolling Astros with trash can outside Target Field (Video)

A Twins fan decided to troll the Astros in a familiar way outside Target Field.

The Houston Astros are the only American League team to make the postseason with a losing record in 2020. The team also finished with a 9-23 road record, which is bad news considering the team is playing a best-of-three series at Target Field against the Minnesota Twins.

Only Twins employees and certain family members are in attendance at the game. That still didn’t stop one fan from marching up outside Target Field with a prop specific to the Astros.

Twins fan goes at the Astros

The Astros put this on themselves. The team cheated, allegedly for years, and banging a trash can to alert a hitter of pitches is just ridiculous. Then came the non-apologies and total lack of punishment for the players involved.

Not having fans in attendance all year absolutely made it easier on the Astros. They are in for a barrage of insults and taunts as soon as the stands are filled again. Until then, fans like this one in Minnesota will do their best to be loud and be heard by the team.

An update was eventually given and the fan was forced to leave, but not before getting his point across.

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Houston’s star players, most notably Jose Altuve, have struggled at the plate this season and the jokes about not cheating may be a legitimate reason for the struggles. An early exit for the Astros in which the team has trouble scoring runs will give plans plenty of fodder heading into 2021.

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