Here’s a totally unnecessary close-up of Walker Buehler’s blister (Photo)

Here’s a totally unnecessary close-up of Walker Buehler’s blister.

Walker Buehler was on the mound for the Los Angeles Dodgers against the Milwaukee Brewers on Wednesday evening as the team opened up Game 1 at home. At press time the young pitcher had already had a successful first inning despite this totally nasty blister that ESPN felt we needed a massive close-up of.

If we had to see it, so do you.

The Dodgers started Buehler instead of Clayton Kershaw

The blister has put Buehler on the injured list twice this shortened season but they still picked him to pitch ahead of All-Star ace, Clayton Kershaw.

“There was a lot that went into it but we just feel that puts us in the best spot in those two games and also going forward,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said to the media ahead of Game 1 (h/t Yahoo Sports). “It could’ve been interchanged. Honestly, it’s one and the same to be quite honest.”

The good thing is if Buehler’s blister (say that three times fast) does cause some problems they’ll have a fully healthy bullpen to back him up.

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At press time the game was scoreless in the first. Check with FanSided MLB for all your Dodgers and Brewers news.

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