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Patrick Corbin nearly murdered a butterfly with a pitch (Video)

Who knew Patrick Corbin was such a big Randy Johnson fan on the mound?

Patrick Corbin‘s offering nearly stung like a bee and almost ended that poor butterfly floating by.

History almost repeated itself. No, we’re not talking about Freddie Freeman hitting two grand slams in the same week. We’re talking about baseballs unfortunately ending the lives of beautiful creatures on planet earth. While Kyler Murray’s uncle was in the batter’s box, “The Big Unit” Randy Johnson exploded a bird into a million pieces. Look at how close Corbin came to ending a butterfly.

We don’t even want to know The Butterfly Effect ramifications of this.

For anybody who hasn’t seen Ashton Kutcher’s third greatest role of all time behind Michael Kelso and Jesse, the dude who lost his car, you need to watch The Butterfly Effect and be blown away. Amy Smart is in it and so is Fulton Reed from the Mighty Ducks franchise and Louie Lastik, you know, one of the guys who helped you Remember the Titans. It’s a movie that changes lives.

The idea is the Wings of a Butterfly can flutter in a way to change the course of history. For HIM, Corbin nearly achieved the impossible by creating a baseball Bullet With Butterfly Wings. But cool and cold like of Job, that butterfly survived a most painful of deaths. I’m not saying that type of unfortunate connection would have ruined Corbin’s career, but why kill something so beautiful?

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Fate would have it after getting pulled in the sixth inning, Freeman went whammy to the tune of four more Braves’ runs on the board. The world is always trying to tell us something. You don’t mess with Mother Nature because though she is a saint, she can also be unforgiving. Father Time keeps a calculated ledger, but he still can’t believe that butterfly could be saved from that pitch.

The world may be a vampire, but that butterfly gets to float around a little bit longer for all of us.

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