Cubs could move on from Theo Epstein after Wild Card exit

The Cubs early playoff exit could lead to changes at the very top of the organization

Theo Epstein has been with the Cubs since 2011, and his 10-year plan has worked to perfection. The Cubs found a core they could build around, and even broke their World Series curse in the process. That plan was a success, forever defined with a pennant in the Wrigley Field outfield.  2016 was a beautiful time in Chicago, but it all had to come to an end eventually.

Per NBC Sports Chicago, Epstein is meeting with the Ricketts’ family to determine the right plan of action. Epstein’s contract runs through 2021, but the thought of him being a lame duck GM isn’t an appetizing one for either side.

Epstein’s time in Chicago is nearing its end on way or another

“Sources confirmed to me that while the status quo is most likely, one of the possible scenarios that will be discussed is Epstein exiting now rather than waiting to complete the final year of his contract, which runs through the end of the 2021 baseball season, if that better positions the Cubs for their future,” David Kaplan wrote.

Epstein has been connected with the Mets previously, and would be a big-time target were he to become available. New York would hardly be the only team with interest.

Letting Epstein walk now does make some sense for the Cubs, too. They’d give their future GM a head start to decide what to do with the Cubs core of Anthony Rizzo, Javier Baez and Kris Bryant, among others. If Epstein leaves in 2021, a new GM would be thrown into the fire. That’s not a desirable situation for Cubs ownership.

If this is it for Epstein, Cubs fans should be nothing but grateful.

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