Reliever Sam Dyson faces allegations of domestic violence

Sam Dyson has been accused of domestic violence by his ex-girlfriend, Alexis Blackburn

Domestic violence suspensions have ruined careers and forever justifiably tarnished the reputations of noteworthy names like former Cubs shortstop Addison Russell, and the MLB might have another difficult situation on their hands in former Texas Rangers reliever Sam Dyson. Dyson’s former girlfriend, Alexis Blackburn, has gone into detail about the alleged abuse she made public with a series of Instagram posts in November.

Blackburn told The Athletic about what Dyson allegedly did to her both physically and mentally over the course of their relationship.

Be warned: The story contains emotionally upsetting images that Blackburn alleges stemmed from an altercation with Dyson.

Sam Dyson faces allegations of emotional and physical abuse

Blackburn claims that she is “absolutely terrified of what [Dyson] is capable of doing” considering the fact he owns firearms. Blackburn also alleges that Dyson abused her pet cat, as an argument between the two left him so frustrated he kicked a box her cat was in. The cat later needed emergency surgery.

In the article, Blackburn details her frustrations with both the MLB’s own investigation and the behavior of her local police department. Blackburn made the original allegations, which include Dyson frequently yelling at her and leaving her with bruises on both of her arms, in November. While she sat down with MLB investigators in the aftermath, Dyson himself didn’t sit down with the league until last month, showing a major flaw in the league’s domestic violence protocols and regulations.

Likewise, law enforcement said that there wasn’t enough probable cause to charge Dyson, citing the delay in between when the incident occurred and when Blackburn reported it.

Dyson was a solid relief pitcher for the last decade. While he is most remembered for surrendering a home run to Jose Bautista in the playoffs, he posted a 3.40 ERA in his career, mostly with the Marlins, Rangers, and Giants. Dyson’s pro career was already on the ropes after 2019, which he spent with the Minnesota Twins, and he faces the prospect of not only never playing in the MLB again if Blackburn’s allegations are proven true, but also any potential legal ramifications.

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