3 offseason trades Yankees must make after losing in ALDS

The Yankees failed to end their World Series drought in 2020, and that means big changes are coming in the offseason for Aaron Boone’s squad

Brian Cashman understands that every season in which the Yankees don’t win a World Series title is deemed a failure by the franchise’s fan base. That may sound harsh, but it’s the reality in the Bronx.

That reality also means that big changes are likely coming for New York’s roster ahead of the 2021 campaign. The Yankees will not be content to trot the same roster out there next season and hope for better results. The front office understands they don’t have an unlimited payroll to work with, so the trade market will need to be fully explored.

Without further delay, here are three deals the Yankees must make to upgrade their roster before next season begins.

3. Get rid of Gary Sanchez

One concept the Yankees must explore this offseason is the idea of addition by subtraction. Gary Sanchez’s putrid performance in 2020 was a distraction for his teammates all season long. Players who only manage to hit .147 are always going to be on thin ice with their respective teams. Those who hit that poorly and play below-average defense are unplayable.

The good news for the Yankees is that plenty of other teams will be willing to take a chance on the talented catcher. He still has multiple years of team control left as well. Finding fair value will be a challenge for Cashman, but it’s a move that must be made.

In a perfect world, the Yankees can secure a valuable prospect or an above-average bullpen arm in exchange for Sanchez. Securing a like-for-like replacement to serve as the team’s starting catcher is not a requirement. J.T. Realmuto should be one of the team’s top targets in free agency. The bottom line here is that the Yankees need to dump Sanchez to improve their roster’s focus and culture.

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