Jeff McNeil yelled at Joe West for a bad strike zone that wasn’t even his (Video)

Jeff McNeil had some words for Joe West on Thursday night in Washington.

Why was Jeff McNeil yelling at Joe West from second base on Thursday night?

It was as strange as the time West ejected Washington Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo from a game against the Atlanta Braves for not wearing a mask up in the nosebleeds. When McNeil’s New York Mets took on the Nationals in the nation’s capital, the Mets star had some issues with home plate umpire Stu Scheurwater’s strike zone, so he took it out on West…

When you yell at a man who yells at clouds, this is what it looks like.

The Mets and the Nationals aren’t making the expanded NL postseason. They are easily two of the worst seven teams in the Senior Circuit this season. Washington will not have a chance to repeat as World Series champions. New York continues to be a dysfunctional mess, as the Wilpons selling the team this year was their major highlight besides Jacob deGrom not getting any run support.

So what’s new? West continues to be one of the biggest lightning rods among umpires. McNeil continues to be one of the best players on a bad team. Scheurwater may have called a high strike on Patrick Corbin‘s offering, but the only logical thing is to yell yourself hoarse at West standing behind third base from over 90 feet away. It’s a bad look, but the Mets are used to it.

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When you point the finger at somebody else, three are pointing directly back at you. Though we’re not sure what the opposable thumb is doing in that situation, we can assume it’s playing neutral like the Swiss in any global war. This god awful monstrosity of a 60-game, coronavirus-shortened MLB season will be over for McNeil and Mets by this time Sunday. So why are you so mad, bro?

When things don’t go your way, you must absolutely blame someone else for your misfortunes.

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