Adam Wainwright outs Cardinals teammates for being flat earthers

Adam Wainwright made a shocking reveal about some of his Cardinals teammates

Adam Wainwright is in the booth on FS1 and seems to be a natural fit. He is one week removed from having his St. Louis Cardinals eliminated in the Wild Card and decided to discuss some of his teammates during the Atlanta Braves and Miami Marlins NLDS.

Wainwright wasn’t exactly talking baseball when he mentioned his teammates. For those seeking information they didn’t want to hear, the Cardinals pitcher said a lot of his teammates believe the Earth is flat.

The Cardinals are flat earthers?

This is quite the surprising statement. Is Wainwright joking? One would hope given the fact him being serious would mean the Cardinals have a clubhouse full of conspiracy theorists.

“Carlos Martinez, definitely a flat earther” is not a phrase many baseball fans expected to hear Thursday during a Braves-Marlins game. The same goes for Wainwright saying Paul DeJong is the smartest guy on the team and a flat earther.

There are plenty of people who believe in this stuff, but it still comes as a shock to hear professional athletes share these views. It didn’t sound like Wainwright was joking either, unless the team has an inside joke that we aren’t privy too.

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Sports fans learn something new every day and fans of opposing teams now have some fodder to troll St. Louis about in 2021. That, or the players will embrace their true selves and inspire others who think the Earth is flat for some reason.

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