Houston Astros, Tampa Bay Rays

Alex Bregman robs Manuel Margot with barehanded web gem (Video)

Alex Bregman made a great bare-handed play to end a potential Rays rally in the fifth inning.

The Houston Astros are once again clinging to life in the ALCS. The team trails the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1 in the series and picked up a tight 3-2 lead early Thursday night.

The Rays scored a run in the fifth inning to make it 3-2 and had two runners on with two outs. Manuel Margot came to the plate and hit a grounder toward Alex Bregman. The infielder made an amazing play look routine to end the inning and potential rally.

Alex Bregman makes it look easy

Bregman seemed to make the play in one single motion. He got the ball and knew he didn’t have any time to waste. That is the type of play that could loom large if the Rays are unable to muster up another rally in the game.

What Bregman needs now is some big plays of offense. He has only three hits in the series and could swing it back in his team’s favor with a big extra-base hit late in Game 5.

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The defense is still appreciated by Astros fans and is another reminder why Bregman is still one of the best players in the game.

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