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Trevor Bauer backs Ronald Acuña Jr. and wants Marlins to let the kids play

Trevor Bauer surprisingly sides with Ronald Acuña Jr. over the Miami Marlins.

Even Trevor Bauer understands the importance of Ronald Acuna Jr. for the game of baseball.

After his Cincinnati Reds were eliminated from the postseason by Acuna’s Atlanta Braves, Bauer had a little back and forth with the Braves’ outfielder. Both are stars in this league and have an appreciation for Conor McGregor and what he’s all about as a fighter. With their beef put to rest, Bauer came to the defense of Acuña when it came to the Miami Marlins existing to plunk him.

Together, Acuña and Bauer make baseball fun every single time they play.

Don’t ever let anyone try to tell you that MLB players don’t have personalities. Acuña and Bauer are swimming in theirs, and we absolutely love them for it. Whether it’s Bauer for his bluntness and eccentricity or Acuña for his flair for the dramatic and inherent pettiness, they have the ability to create storylines most players in the game today aren’t willing to do. It helps that they’re great.

Baseball has an opportunity to make up ground on the NBA as America’s third most popular sport behind the NFL and college football, respectively. The 16-team expanded postseason has been a huge hit for baseball, as was the 60-game sprint of a 2020 MLB season. Though the NBA will crown a champion in the Orlando bubble, the ratings a far cry from what they were a year ago.

Bauer understands how important players like he and Acuña are to their sport. There is a little boy or girl out there watching these postseason games and will end up gravitating to the star power these two men possess. Acuña and Bauer have more fun playing baseball than most people do in their professions. Stars like them will win over the young fans baseball has been dying for.

So when you have teams like the Marlins who can’t handle the fact that someone like Acuña is dripping with that much raw baseball talent, baseball pays a price for it. Though everybody will watch a fight or a car crash, some kid’s dumb parent will see these beanings and almost fights and not let their son or daughter play baseball or softball because of it because stupid people exist.

Acuña and Bauer are two of the greats who can make baseball America’s pastime once again.

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