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Spanish call of Carlos Correa’s walkoff bomb will give you chills (Video)

Carlos Correa’s home run was even more dramatic on the Spanish radio call

If you can believe it, Correa’s home run can get even better. Sure, for Houston Astros haters and general fans of baseball who would rather see this team get what’s coming to them, Correa’s line drive to center field was a terrible tragedy. But Correa’s declaration that this Astros team is on a mission, and embracing their villain status, will go down in MLB lore one way or another. Should Houston go on to the World Series and overcome a 3-0 deficit to the Rays in the process, Correa’s demolition of a Nick Anderson fastball is absolutely legendary.

Who needs Titanic music in the background when we have this at our disposal? Nothing is more dramatic than interpreting the gravity of the moment, rather than translating the language barrier. There’s no need, everyone understands what Correa just did.

Can the Houston Astros really do this?

If any team is going to come back from a 3-0 deficit in 2020 it’s these Houston Astros. Nothing the American population wants, happens. Because of this, Houston is in prime position to make good on Correa’s word. As he said, the Astros aren’t ready to go home yet. There is no sign-stealing technology this time around, and they don’t even have elite pitching. Correa and his crew of cronies are raking. That’s it.

Tampa Bay still holds the advantage and with two games in hand, it’s more than likely they’ll find a way to win the series. Winning four straight games in the postseason is exhausting. Doing so in just four days is nearly impossible. But these Astros are familiar with the impossible.

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