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Twitter rejoiced over the cheating Astros being eliminated in Game 7

MLB Twitter thoroughly enjoyed the Astros’ Game 7 loss in the ALCS.

Despite being a sub-.500 team, the Houston Astros nearly did the unthinkable, rallying from a 3-0 deficit and forcing a Game 7 in the 2020 ALCS.

They joined the 2004 Boston Red Sox as just the second team in MLB history to do so, but were unable to complete the epic comeback, losing 4-2 in Saturday’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays.

With the most hated team in baseball finally going down in a karmic ball of flames, Twitter rejoiced over the demise of those notorious cheaters.

Twitter had a field day with the Astros’ demise

The Astros are proven cheaters, and nobody in baseball outside of Houston liked them very much. In a normal, non-coronavirus-shortened season, they wouldn’t have even made the playoffs. So when they were officially eliminated, nobody on Twitter hesitated to show their joy.

Even before the game was over, the trash can jokes started coming out.

The preparation and prayers for this highly anticipated moment were out in full force too.

Although Carlos Correa brought in two runs to chop Tampa Bay’s lead in half in the eighth, Alex Bregman’s strikeout to end the inning had people reveling in Houston’s potential downfall.

The anticipation for the Astros’ impending doom began to reach a fever pitch.

And once that final out hit, the celebration could begin! Even Complex Sports, The Action Network and SNY TV got in on dancing on their grave:

The petty jokes were well-deserved, in this case.

We’re here for the Joe Kelly pout faces and dismantling of all the Red Sox comparisons.

You may be permitted to feel sorry for Dusty Baker, but there will be no remorse for Houston.

Celebrating the Astros falling short without being able to cheat was obviously another avenue to take.

The Rays will advance to the World Series to face the winner of the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers in their Game 7. Suffice it to say by beating the cheating Astros, Tampa Bay may have gained the fan support of the general public.

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