Mookie Betts’ quote about Game 7 will give all baseball fans goosebumps (Video)

Mookie Betts’ quote about Game 7 will give all baseball fans goosebumps.

Game 7 holds a significant meaning for any ballplayer. It’s easily the most dramatic game of their career and could either be the biggest heartbreak or the biggest celebration of their lives. This is a feeling Dodgers outfielder, Mookie Betts, knows all too well, but not in the way you might think.

“When I was a kid, you do think, ‘3-2, bottom of 9th, Game 7.’ But when you’re in the yard, you get re-tries. This time you don’t get a retry. It’s just one game and you put everything on the line,” Betts told reporters ahead of Sunday’s game.

The Dodgers are looking to secure a comeback win on Sunday against the Atlanta Braves after a disastrous early start to the NLCS series. The team was expected to sweep through the playoffs and eventually be the 2020 World Series champions but, as typical Dodgers postseason woes go, it wasn’t quite that easy.

The Dodgers play the Braves on Sunday with Dustin Mays on the mound.

Here’s the Dodgers Game 7 line-up, in case you missed it

  • Mookie Betts
  • Corey Seager
  • Justin Turner
  • Max Muncy
  • Will Smith
  • Cody Bellinger
  • AJ Pollock
  • Joc Pederson
  • Chris Taylor
  • Dustin May
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