5 UFC fighters who could have played in the MLB

Here is a list of five UFC fighters who could have played in the MLB if things had gone differently.

UFC fighters are some of the most athletic people on the planet, so much so that many could even play a different professional sport. Many fighters have backgrounds in different sports, mixed martial arts is made up of different disciplines. You can see backgrounds in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, boxing, Muay Thai, and wrestling. But what about traditional sports? Some fighters growing up have played football, hockey, soccer, and even baseball.

Just because a person played a sport growing up doesn’t mean that they could make it with the professionals. Even playing your whole life doesn’t mean success. It takes a combination of skill, talent, athleticism, and grit to make it as a professional athlete. Fighters in the UFC have that focus and grit it takes to train all day, cut weight, and make it to the top of the sport. Determination and hard work in one sport doesn’t necessarily transfer over to another sport.

Having a background in baseball added to the talent and athletism is what makes these next five athletes prospects to have possibly made the major league if the paths had been different. Listed are five UFC athletes who could have made the MLB. Just for fun let’s pick a major league team to stick them on as well.

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