Twitter blasts Manuel Margot for terrible baserunning blunder (Video)

Manuel Margot blew a scoring opportunity for the Rays with an awful baserunning decision against the Dodgers.

The Rays already had a 1-0 lead over the Dodgers in Game 2 of the World Series and they were in a great position to add another.

Then Manuel Margot’s baserunning happened.

With one out in the top of the second inning, Margot took off from third when Willy Adames made contact with a pitch from Dylan Floro. However, the hit went straight to Corey Seager who made the simple throw home.

Just like that, Margot was out.

To be fair, Margot had done well to get where he was. He was walked to start the inning then made it to third on a fly ball to centerfield. However, from there he blew his chance to score a run by getting way too greedy.

There simply was no way, bar an extremely wild throw, he was going to score there. That’s not a gamble any player should be taking in such a critical game.

Manuel Margot’s baserunning blunder cost the Rays

If you’re wondering why on earth Margot even tried to go home in that situation, you’re not alone. Twitter responded to the gaff with a general sense of disbelief.

Baserunning was an unfortunate theme for the Rays in the inning. The final out came when Adames tried to steal second and was caught.

On the plus side for Tampa Bay, they retained their narrow lead even if they weren’t able to add to it.

The trouble for the Rays, of course, is how hot the Dodgers’ bats were in Game 1, which they won 8-3. A 1-0 lead probably isn’t going to see them to a victory, even if Blake Snell started the game rather well.

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