Ji-Man Choi literally does the splits to get the first out of Game 3 (Video)

Ji-Man Choi couldn’t have stretched any further to make the catch at first for the first out of Game 3 of the World Series.

It’s a good thing for the Tampa Bay Rays that Ji-Man Choi is flexible.

Game 3 of the World Series between the Rays and Dodgers opened with a Mookie Betts grounding out to shortstop, but those words do nothing to actually paint the scene.

It was anything but a routine out as Willy Adames scooped up the ground ball and threw a bit wide of first base, where Choi had to do the splits straight down to the dirt to complete the out.

That does not look comfortable at all.

Ji-Man Choi’s splits were an impressive way to grab the first out.

On the plus side, Choi pulling off that flexible feat gave the Rays the first out of Game 3. It turns out the play was critical. After Corey Seager flied out, Justin Turner came to the plate and blasted a home run. Had Betts taken the base, the Dodgers would have scored two in the first inning, instead of just one.

Choi’s bat has made him valuable for the Rays this season, but his work in defense is starting to really make the difference.

This may be his most impressive splits but they weren’t his first.

The most incredible part of the splits? Choi has been dealing with a hamstring problem all season. Even attempting to pull off that catch was a risk.

The Dodgers and Rays are tied 1-1 in the World Series after two games. Los Angeles took Game 1 when they poured on the runs in an 8-3 victory. Tampa Bay returned the favor in Game 2 with a 6-4 win featuring two home runs from Brandon Lowe.

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