Brett Phillips had the most genuine reaction to winning Game 4 (Video)

Brett Phillips delivered on the biggest hit of his life in Game 4, but his reaction to winning the game was so pure. 

Baseball is a lot of fun.

Brett Phillips said that to aptly sum up the insane 30 seconds that ended Game 4. You might be asking yourself who is Brett Phillips, but those questions have a loud answer after the way Saturday night ended for the Dodgers and Rays.

In the bottom of the ninth inning, Phillips stepped to the plate for the first postseason at-bat of his career and delivered in what can only be described as a dream-come-true fashion. Phillips batted in the two Rays that were on base to give Tampa Bay a 8-7 victory that evened the World Series at two games apiece.

Quite literally, this is the stuff baseball dreams are made of. It’s almost too cliche to be taken seriously had it not actually happened, but it did. What’s perhaps greater than what Phillips did was his bewildered  reaction to the moment he had just created.

It’s hard to overstate just how incredible this moment is for Phillips. He had 5 RBI all season and had 7 RBI the season prior.

But with one swing of his bat, Phillips has completely flipped the momentum of the World Series back to the Rays. In a matter of seconds, what would have been a seemingly impossible 3-1 hole to dig themselves out of became a tied World Series for the Rays. Even though it’s still a 2-2 series, this somehow felt like more than just a single game win for Tampa Bay.

Phillips is also the owner of a “Hall of Fame laugh”, which actually sounds like a

There’s literally nothing to hate about this guy.

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