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Red Sox are getting dragged during Mookie Betts takeover in Game 1

No one will ever forget the Red Sox let Mookie Betts go after this.

Back in February, the Boston Red Sox essentially traded four-time All-Star Mookie Betts to the Los Angeles Dodgers for cap space and a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. While the chips were probably very tasty on that fateful day, the aftertaste of watching Betts absolutely ball out for the Dodgers in the World Series is probably not quite as savory.

In Game 1 on Tuesday, the Dodgers jumped out to an insurmountable 8-1 lead heading into the seventh inning, but the most damage was done in the fifth inning. Not only did LA force Tampa Bay Rays starter Tyler Glasnow to retire early, but Betts was an absolute force.

He stole two bases in the game, including a double-steal for the Dodgers, and then added insult to injury with a solo homer in the sixth inning to give his new team in LA a 7-1 advantage.

Mookie Betts has been an absolute superstar for the Dodgers

Betts has been making plays for Los Angeles all postseason with his glove, his speed and his bat. Because of this, Twitter did not hold back in blasting the Red Sox for giving up a bona fide star for little more than cap flexibility.

The historical feats alone were enough to make Boston fans cringe:

There were, of course, your basic troll jobs for the Red Sox:

Even Red Sox fans were having problems coming to terms with what they were seeing.

Bringing Boston’s cap flexibility into play was a pretty common tactic too:

We’re here for crossover sports content!

You’ve also gotta love a good Photoshop:

But, I mean hey, at least Red Sox fans will get to enjoy free Doritos Locos Tacos at Taco Bell next week!

If this continues, the 2020 World Series might be a long one for Boston fans.

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