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Zack Greinke told Ramon Laureano what pitch was coming before moonshot HR (Video)

Zack Greinke appeared to tell Ramon Laureano what pitch was coming

Greinke got the start for the Houston Astros in Game 4 against the Oakland Athletics and pitched a scoreless first inning. He got into trouble in the second inning when something bizarre happened.

Ramon Laureano was at the plate with two runners on and Greinke appeared to signal that a breaking ball was coming. He threw up the deuce and Laureano responded by sitting back and hitting the ball into the stands.

Did Greinke tip his pitch?

The broadcast mentioned how Greinke has done this before. Trevor Bauer has also done the same thing. But doing so in a playoff game? This is insanity.

Another explanation would be signaling something else to his catcher. However, if the signal matches the pitch then he tipped his pitch, even if it wasn’t on purpose. The result was a three-run homer that gave the A’s an early 3-0 lead in an elimination game for Oakland.

The good news for Greinke is his offense got the lead back in the fourth inning with two home runs of their own. Dusty Baker may want to let his pitcher know to keep the signs to himself.

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An Astros pitcher openly giving signs away in 2020? The storylines surrounding sign-stealing never end with this team.

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