Blake Snell breaks his silence over being pulled in Game 6 (Video)

Blake Snell discussed how he feels about his manager in a recent Twitch stream.

Tampa Bay Rays manager Kevin Cash has taken all the heat in the world for removing Blake Snell during Game 6 of the World Series. The move openly excited the Los Angeles Dodgers and Cash’s bullpen quickly proceeded to blow the slim 1-0 Snell was holding.

Snell was visibly not pleased, rightfully so, and it would be easy to think he wants out of Tampa. He is known to stream on Twitch from time to time and was on recently when the question came up about how he feels about Cash. He kept it classy.

Snell doesn’t throw his manager under the bus

“I love him,” Snell says about his manager. He’s a great manager, a great person. Maybe he should have kept me in, maybe he shouldn’t. You know how I feel, I know how everyone else feels.”

This is quite the political answer from the ace. But he remains under contract with the Rays and is not going to openly blast his manager who had success all season. He just made one blunder and his bullpen let him down. To be fair, the offense needed to do more in that game as well.

Cash knew he would take heat for the move and said as much following the game. He decided to stick with his plan and it failed. However, even if it did work it was still a bizarre move to take a cruising Snell out of the game.

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The worst part of it all was the Dodgers getting the boost they needed from the Rays manager. All Snell could do was sit in silence while his lead disappeared against hitters who had no chance against him. Now Cash has a long offseason to listen to the critics and may also want to have a long chat with Snell about what happened before that relationship crumbles.

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