This family trolled the Astros with their coordinated costumes (Photo)

A family in California pulled off the ultimate troll of the Houston Astros with costumes digging at the team for its 2017 cheating scandal.

Some people do the bare minimum to celebrate Halloween, maybe putting out some candy in a bowl.

Some go all-out with intricate decorations and detailed costumes.

And then there are the people who take it to the next level and pull off a costume that transcends Halloween and speaks to the soul of a nation.

In the last category, we submit one California family who dubbed themselves the “Trashtros.”

Everything about these costumes is glorious, from the “Trashtros” name to the “Cheaters” on the back to the trash can.

That’s not all though.

The Twitter thread included a detailed breakdown of each depiction of an Astros player.

Another member of the family was shown with the caption: “A known cheater. Pumpkin eater. Rumored to want to leave the Astros this offseason in free agency. The boo-birds will follow you forever, George.”

Talk about dedication to a theme.

The Astros cheating scandal continues to produce epic trolling

Since the baseball world spent much of 2020 deriding the Astros for their cheating scheme, which involved stealing signals using conveniently-placed cameras and signaling to batters using trash can bangs, it’s only natural someone used Halloween as a chance to keep it going.

Kudos to this family for going above and beyond for the joke.

One day, fans will move on from the scandal, but this is definitely not that year.

It may not have been a normal Halloween considering COVID-19 concerns still looming, but there was definitely fun to be had on the costume front.

Sports-themed Halloween costumes were all the rage in 2020, whether transforming into Patrick Mahomes or Ezekiel Elliott.

Kobe Bryant’s family went hard with some Star Wars costumes.

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