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MLB trade machine: Here’s how the Mets could acquire Matt Chapman

The New York Mets are interested in Oakland Athletics third baseman Matt Chapman.

The Mets are interested in just about any available star this offseason, and with Chapman’s name the latest to arise on the trade block, Steve Cohen’s front office has reportedly placed a call.

True or not, the Mets do have what it takes to acquire Chapman. Unfortunately, for an organization claiming from the top-down to want to rebuild their farm system, it’ll require a number of their top prospects.

Chapman is among the best overall third basemen in baseball. He has power, is an excellent defender at the hot corner and his analytics back all of these comments up.

What would it take for the New York Mets to trade for Oakland A’s third baseman Matt Chapman?

Mets Get

3B, Matt Chapman

Athletics Get

3B+LF, JD Davis

3B, Brett Baty

OF, Khalil Lee

RHP, Michel Otanez

While complicated from the onset, I’ll try and simplify the move as much as I can.

The Mets get Chapman, who instantly combines with Francisco Lindor to add even more star quality to the left side of New York’s infield for years to come. That’s an easy win.

On to the Athletics, who acquire an elite prospect package along with JD Davis, who could start this coming year or be shipped out of Oakland for salary relief. A team like Houston (gasp: inter-division trade) could provide a nice out for the A’s if they’d rather not have Davis on the roster.

Baty is the Mets third-ranked prospect and an easy long-term replacement for Chapman at just 21 years old. Lee was just acquired by the Mets in the Andrew Benintendi trade, but they’d flip him for Chapman. He previously ranked No. 8 in the Royals farm system. He’ll be top-10 for the Mets as well. Otanez ranks No. 18 in the Mets system, per MLB Pipeline. He’s 23 and MLB-ready, so he could be a nice in-season addition to Oakland’s bullpen.

In summary, the Mets hold on to their top two prospects, both of whom are under 20 years old and are borderline untouchable. Yet, the A’s still get an immediate and long-term replacement for Chapman, plus top-20 prospect additions in positions of weakness in their current farm system.

Trading a star is never easy, nor wanted by a fanbase. But if the Athletics are actually aiming to deal Chapman, this is what the return might look like.

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