Fernando Tatis, Jr. launches rare Clayton Kershaw mistake out of Dodger Stadium (Video)

Fernando Tatis, Jr. hits a solo shot off Clayton Kershaw, his third of the season so far.

Tatis, Jr. can send a baseball a long way, and he gave this one a Greyhound ticket out of Dodger Stadium, perhaps back to San Diego. Who knows? The options are endless when you’re not spending time at a baseball game.

The young slugger was signed to a monstrous 14-year contract before the start of the regular season, only to suffer a major injury just a few games in. Thankfully, he was able to avoid surgery, assuming he doesn’t over-swing, which is what got him in trouble in the first place. Tatis, Jr. doesn’t have to over-swing to destroy this baseball. Heck, it’s a pitch Clayton Kershaw wishes he had back.

Padres having success against the Dodgers so far this season

The parity between these two teams is obvious, with both San Diego and Los Angeles winning two games apiece so far. A victory on Friday night could guarantee a series win on the road for the Padres, perhaps an early statement that despite the Dodgers divisional dominance so far, things are evening between the two sides.

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