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MLB makes example of Adam Eaton with suspension for starting benches-clearing drama

MLB suspended Adam Eaton for inciting a benches-clearing incident last week against the Cleveland Indians.

Eaton was unhappy with Cleveland Indians infielder Andres Gimenez for holding his ground at second base. The White Sox outfielder slid into second, hoping to advance a base, but was instead tagged out. At first, Eaton was upset with the call, but quickly turned his attention to Gimenez, shoving him for not backing up and giving him his space. What ensued was a benches-clearing incident in which both teams came awfully close to coming to blows.

Eaton will appeal the suspension, rather than just serve it tonight against the Indians.

MLB has made their stance on Adam Eaton’s actions clear

Eaton is an old-school player, who is not afraid to put his nose in delicate situations where he might be better served backing off. That’s what happened with Gimenez, who made a baseball play in tagging him out at second base and was merely standing his ground after the play.

MLB has made it clear they will punish players who instigate conflict this season, especially in the middle of a pandemic. The completion of an MLB season is dependent on safety measures such as social distancing, and while players can’t possibly keep distance the entire time they’re on the diamond, any event which brings both teams to the center of the diamond must be punished.

The 32-year-old Eaton will try to beat MLB at its own game, but his success seems unlikely.

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