Bryce Harper takes nasty 97 mph fastball to the face, leaves bloodied (Video)

In a terrifying moment, Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Bryce Harper took a pitch to the face while batting against the Cardinals.

The Phillies got a massive scare on Wednesday as a pitch hit Bryce Harper directly on his cheek.

The video is as scary as they come.

This is just not where a baseball should land. It left Harper bloody and bruised. If that’s the worst of the damage, he’s very lucky.

Fortunately, Harper was able to walk off on his own power, but he had to be replaced by a pinch-runner.

Bryce Harper and Didi Gregorius paid for Genesis Cabrera’s lack of control

Unsurprisingly, manager Joe Girardi was furious, especially when a pitch hit a second Phillies batter. Didi Gregorius took a ball to the back on the next at-bat.

Girardi was ejected for complaining about it, but that’s an ejection any MLB manager would take any day and twice on Sunday. The MLB is probably better off letting the manager say his piece without tossing him in that situation. Girardi wasn’t in the wrong.

It didn’t look like Genesis Cabrera was hitting batters on purpose, but his lack of control put Philadelphia players in danger. Harper could have been previously injured. Gregorius will be feeling that one for a while.

The game between the Cardinals and Phillies was close in the sixth inning when it all went down.

Cabrera was replaced on the mound after giving up a single to Andrew McCutchen, scoring a run to put Philadelphia up 4-3. It was a disastrous appearance for the pitcher.

The Phillies need a victory to get back to .500 and hold their place atop the NL East standings. The Cardinals came into the game sitting second in the NL Central behind the Brewers.

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